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About US

We are a travel themed brand that also incorporates the Law of Attraction and affirmations/self help into our style. We are fun-loving and caring people that are passionate about seeing the world and seeing what those subsequent experiences turn into.

We are also passionate about sharing the message that everyone should get out and see something they haven't seen before to help grow themselves as a human being. That is why we call ourselves Nomadic Magic. The Nomadic is because we want everyone to choose to move around a little and see some part of the world that they haven't seen before. The Magic is because we believe in the Law of Attraction and the mystical and wondrous side of our reality. We believe there is magic in all you do....especially if you choose to see something new that adds to your experience.

While traveling a world away can definitely give you new and exciting stimuli, it is not at all necessary to have a meaningful experience. It could be around the corner from your home, 30 minutes in a car, or 2,000 miles away, but as long as you see new things, you see a new part of the world. We want this site to convey that idea. We want our site to remind you to be your best self, and get to know all that comprises you. Then, we urge you to push those boundaries a little to see where those new experiences take you. We have begun to live life differently, and have seen many new and exciting things as a result. We hope this store embodies that spirit and inspires you not only to travel, but also to go far.